IceBurgh Society Entertainment Presents

The IceBurgh Invitational

This event is the second of 6 events we will be holding across Canada. The IceBurgh Invitational will pit the best performers Canada has to offer against each other to find out who is strong enough to get the IceBurgh Invitational PERFORMANCE CHAMPIONSHIP Belt.

There are 8 contestants who will be put in a draw to determine who will match up against each other, and then they will go head to head, which will be judged by our three judges. The winners of each match up, will then be put in front of the crowd so that the crowd can choose their winner! The winner will then get the MELTDOWN chain which gains them entry into the final competition, THE MAIN EVENT, for a chance to win the IceBurgh Invitational PERFORMANCE CHAMPIONSHIP Belt.


Kevin Kushh
Josiah Brown
Kelly Maloney
Keaton Ryan
Ace Bailey
Chris Thomas
Jeremie FokussOne Shaw
Scotian Sparxx Downey


Chezza Miller of Iceburgh Society Entertainment


10PM / $10 / 19+

Sponsored by

Ryit Photography
ARBORcore Designs
Gee Wunder of #FutureBeats
Innocent Don HataLi of IMP Productions
Illish Clothin
Bobby Butane of RG & Co.