Unlike smoking, vaping offers you a way to taste flavors from various foods without dulling your taste buds. Considering there are many flavor pairings, it’s important to understand why you can’t just randomly mix and match e-juice flavors with foods. This activity involves combining personal taste and preference, but it can also lead to a poorly chosen flavor pairing that can ruin a good meal. To avoid such a scenario, this guide will help you understand which vape flavors and foods go well together.


Mint-flavored e-juice

This e-juice has a cool, refreshing flavor that can balance the bittersweet flavor of chocolate desserts like chocolate cakes and chocolate brownies.

Strawberry-flavored e-juice

It has a sweet flavor that can enhance the sweet flavor of chocolate that’s used in pastries and cakes.

Chocolate-flavored e-juice

The chocolate-flavored e-juice has a sweet flavor and can enhance the sweet flavor of strawberry muffins.

Apple-flavored e-juice

This gives off a sweet flavor, which also means that it can be paired off with pastries that contain cinnamon, raspberries, or blueberries. This e-juice balances the spicy flavor of cinnamon and enhances the sweet flavor of both raspberries and blueberries.

Pumpkin-spice-flavored e-juice

This e-juice has a slight vanilla flavor which makes it suitable for enhancing the sweet flavors of cakes, brownies, and muffins.

Coffee-flavored e-juice

Coffee-flavored e-juice pairs well with desserts that contain caramel, chocolate, and vanilla because their sweet flavors can balance the bitter flavor of the coffee. Bread, muffins, and pastries can also pair well with coffee-flavored e-juice as long as they’re eaten during breakfast.

If you want an e-juice that’s sweeter than coffee, you can use a chocolate-flavored e-juice or a mocha-flavored e-juice.

Meat and Seafood

Blueberry-flavored e-juice and blackberry-flavored e-juice have a sweet flavor that can balance the salty flavor of red meat. Some examples of red meat include lamb, pork, and beef. Whisky-flavored e-juice also has a sweet flavor, so it can be paired with red meat too. For enhancing the spicy flavor of pork chops or pork barbecue, you can use a butter-flavored e-juice while vaping and eating.

E- juice flavors like banana, coconut, and mango flavors can be paired off with white meat. This is because these flavors give off a sweet and sour taste that can balance the salty flavor of white meat. Some examples of white meat include chicken, turkey, and duck.

Lemon-flavored e-juice contains a sour flavor that can help reduce the salty flavor of seafood and fish. Some examples of seafood are clams, crabs, and oysters. E-juice flavors like coconut and banana flavors can also be paired off with seafood due to having a sour taste.


E-juice flavors like cinnamon and wine flavors give off a sweet taste to reduce the salty flavor in nuts like cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, and peanuts. If you want a sweeter flavor, you can pair off these nuts with a watermelon-flavored e-juice.

Bottom Line

Pairing food with the right e-juice flavors can be quite difficult, especially if there are a lot of combinations to choose from. Don’t worry if you don’t get the pairing right for the first time. After all, you might discover unique pairing combinations while vaping and eating at home.

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