Romantic Restaurants Toronto

As work becomes cumbersome again now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, restaurants start to open and accommodate larger number of customers. For couples, this means that they can now conduct date night outside their respective homes. If you are among the couples who love to spend romantic time dining outside, here are some of the most recommendable restaurants in Toronto. 
1. Lake Inez
Location: 1471 GERRARD ST. E.
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Best Restaurants Toronto

The recent pandemic hit the food service industry hard. As vaccines rolled out and people started to regain their normal lives while still under the threat of coronavirus, restaurants are trying to bounce back from being down. 
Currently, Toronto’s streets have been bustling again and both tourists and local patrons can now enjoy most of the sought-after meals. For a concise guide to the best restaurants in Toronto, here is a short list below. 
1. Akira Back
Location: …

Hard Seltzers Sodas

After partying hard on New Year’s, you might want to lighten your drinking activities for January. If you are looking to tone down your wild ways and just settle for drinks that can at least maintain your alcohol tolerance, then hard seltzers are a great choice. Here are some of the best ones that can pack a punch. 
1. Vizzy Hard Seltzer Blueberry Pomegranate
Price: $2.95 
Fruity in flavor, the Vizzy Hard Seltzer Blueberry Pomegranate complements well …

Cellar Door Restaurant

Have you heard of Etobicoke’s Cellar Door Restaurant? Just within the limits of the city of Toronto lies a top-notch Italian eatery that can cater to almost everybody’s taste. 
The Vibe
Don’t be puzzled by the restaurant’s brick building located at Lake Shore Boulevard, near Islington. Behind that facade is a hidden gem that any Toronto resident can truly enjoy. Cellar Door has a countryside charm due to its interior filled with wooden furniture, antique-looking light bulbs and a classic wood-fed pizza oven. 
The Menu…

Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what way to cap such an event filled with appreciation than to share celebratory drinks. If you are looking for a perfect bottle as a gift, below are some highly recommended wines you can certainly afford. 
1. Freixenet Cordon Negro
Price: $14.95
Freixenet Cordon Negro, a customary method sparkler from Spain, is made from a distinctive blend of white grape varietals native to Penedès, Barcelona. The delicate aroma …