For the past decade, a lot has changed in Toronto’s night life scene. There are now abundant high quality bars where you can either go wild with your friends or spend in solitary. A list below consists of some of the best bars you can try and frequently visit in Toronto. 

1. Mahjong Bar

Location: 1276 DUNDAS ST. W.

Unlike its name, the bar doesn’t involve around the actual game of Mahjong. Although the Chinese influence is already being reflected on the interior decorations, the food served are majority consisting of Chinese food like dumplings and noodles. With lots of liquor available and electronic music on the background, you will be guaranteed a very fun evening. 

2. BarChef

Location: 472 QUEEN ST. W.

BarChef may be relatively new to the scene but it has gone a long way from just serving cold beers and tasty side dishes. The restaurant’s reputation is due to their revolutionizing cocktail culture, wherein making concoctions are as good as their museum-like aesthetics. If you’re looking for style and fun mixed all together, then this place is a no-brainer. 

3. Bar Raval

Location: 505 COLLEGE ST.

Bar Raval is a place wherein European architecture has heavy influence. Not only that, you get to enjoy foods and drinks in an un-North American fashion too. Select a spot, drink your concoctions from the provided barrel and pair them with meals or their famous ‘Kitchen Bread’. 

4. The Cloak Bar

Location: 488 WELLINGTON ST. W.

The bar may not be that spacious but it is a hidden gem. Their drinks are product from careful experimentations and therefore, every experience can be unique. You can even ask the bartender to create an original mixture for your personal consumption. 

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