The recent pandemic hit the food service industry hard. As vaccines rolled out and people started to regain their normal lives while still under the threat of coronavirus, restaurants are trying to bounce back from being down. 

Currently, Toronto’s streets have been bustling again and both tourists and local patrons can now enjoy most of the sought-after meals. For a concise guide to the best restaurants in Toronto, here is a short list below. 

1. Akira Back

Location: 80 BLUE JAYS WAY

Akira Back offers great quality food from Japanese cuisine coupled with a Korean flair. One of its top sellers is the very juicy, 48-hour cooked wagyu short rib. Aside from that, the stunning black-and-gold interior design was from the amazing Studio Munge. 

2. Richmond Station

Location: 1 RICHMOND ST. W.

This restaurant is seen as one of the most favorite go-to places in Toronto. The food is not only delicious but also a product of the restaurant’s commitment to local agriculture and sustainable methodologies. Their veggie dishes are so good that they can turn even meat-lovers into vegetarians. 

3. Taverne Bernhardt’s

Location: 202 DOVERCOURT RD.

There is no shortage of restaurants in Toronto with great food and environment, and this one is among them. Their famous dish, the rotisserie chicken, is something that you must not fail to order once you are dining there. 

4. DaiLo

Location: 503 COLLEGE ST.

This restaurant offers fusion cuisine like no other in the city. With the basics of Asian cooking, elements from French cuisine are being integrated to create various dishes. One example is the steamed bun ‘Big Mac Bao’ which is filled with pickles, ground beef and a secret sauce. 

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