A Guide to Pairing Vape Juices with Food

Unlike smoking, vaping offers you a way to taste flavors from various foods without dulling your taste buds. Considering there are many flavor pairings, it’s important to understand why you can’t just randomly mix and match e-juice flavors with foods. This activity involves combining personal taste and preference, but it can also lead to a poorly chosen flavor pairing that can ruin a good meal. To avoid such a scenario, this guide will help you understand which vape flavors and foods go well together.

Best Bars Toronto

For the past decade, a lot has changed in Toronto’s night life scene. There are now abundant high quality bars where you can either go wild with your friends or spend in solitary. A list below consists of some of the best bars you can try and frequently visit in Toronto. 
1. Mahjong Bar
Location: 1276 DUNDAS ST. W.
Unlike its name, the bar doesn’t involve around the actual game of Mahjong. Although the Chinese influence is already being reflected on …

Romantic Restaurants Toronto

As work becomes cumbersome again now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, restaurants start to open and accommodate larger number of customers. For couples, this means that they can now conduct date night outside their respective homes. If you are among the couples who love to spend romantic time dining outside, here are some of the most recommendable restaurants in Toronto. 
1. Lake Inez
Location: 1471 GERRARD ST. E.
It’s normal in a long …

Best Restaurants Toronto

The recent pandemic hit the food service industry hard. As vaccines rolled out and people started to regain their normal lives while still under the threat of coronavirus, restaurants are trying to bounce back from being down. 
Currently, Toronto’s streets have been bustling again and both tourists and local patrons can now enjoy most of the sought-after meals. For a concise guide to the best restaurants in Toronto, here is a short list below. 
1. Akira Back
Location: …