Alcohol Delivery

With the negativities brought by the pandemic, one of the positive things beneficial to the citizens of Toronto is the delivery of alcoholic drinks. We are not talking about online shopping but the order platform that restaurants and eateries are providing. 
This is certainly good news as many seek for alcohol to remedy the stress brought by the pandemic’s aftershocks. If you are new to seeking alcohol delivery, here are a few great options you can try. 
1. Lifford Wine & Spirits
This …

Culinary Adventure Co. Tenth Anniversary

A lot of the best memories revolved around food. Whether it is being shared in the family or eaten alone for survival, there’s no denying that one unconsciously gains more knowledge about food as he/she eats more. That knowledge is the target of Culinary Adventure Co. as being a foodie entertainment company. 
Since its inception in 2011, the family-owned business has been showcasing the best food that Toronto has to offer. Through immersing tours, viewers and advocates can enjoy the experience spontaneously. Their series, ‘Food Tour In A Box’, encapsulates…

T.O. Food Drink Fest

Are you a certified foodie? Or are you just a plain lover of good food? Around April 22 to 24, Canada’s largest festival of foods and drinks, the T.O. Food & Drink Fest, will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It will be spanning 3 days and consisting of multiple events, from tasting to classes. 
While the DJs are playing in the background, you and your companions can alternate stuffing your mouths with different bites or moistening your throats with experimental drinks at the VIP Lounge. And since this is a major event in the culinary world, you …