Have you heard of Etobicoke’s Cellar Door Restaurant? Just within the limits of the city of Toronto lies a top-notch Italian eatery that can cater to almost everybody’s taste. 

The Vibe

Don’t be puzzled by the restaurant’s brick building located at Lake Shore Boulevard, near Islington. Behind that facade is a hidden gem that any Toronto resident can truly enjoy. Cellar Door has a countryside charm due to its interior filled with wooden furniture, antique-looking light bulbs and a classic wood-fed pizza oven. 

The Menu

Cellar Door Restaurant tends to stick to Italian cuisine, which relies heavily on pasta and pizza meals. However, what makes them different from other Italian restaurants in the heart of the urban areas is their natural process of producing the ingredients. The pasta gains its pillow texture and the pizzas maintain their crispiness due to being made from a 3-aged dough. 

Robert Rubino, the restaurant’s owner and head chef has earned his reputation from Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Italy. His expertise shows as Cellar Door experiments with other non-Italian dishes such as seafood-based meals and still be a big hit to the local patrons. 

The Worth

Restaurants that offer both great food and a great environment also demand great payment. Furthermore, being located in a peaceful part of such a busy metropolis like Toronto can make you expect a hefty bill with just a few meals. However, Cellar Door is quite an exemption as their prices remain affordable while you enjoy all the good parts mentioned. 

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