A lot of the best memories revolved around food. Whether it is being shared in the family or eaten alone for survival, there’s no denying that one unconsciously gains more knowledge about food as he/she eats more. That knowledge is the target of Culinary Adventure Co. as being a foodie entertainment company. 

Since its inception in 2011, the family-owned business has been showcasing the best food that Toronto has to offer. Through immersing tours, viewers and advocates can enjoy the experience spontaneously. Their series, ‘Food Tour In A Box’, encapsulates Toronto’s culinary neighborhoods, from packaging in Kensington Market to Greektown, and straightly delivering at the doorstep.

In recent years, the pandemic brought many challenges to the food industry but it doesn’t stop Culinary Adventure Co. to deliver its purpose. In 2020, they put over an amount of $350,000 to the local culinary industries of their supported communities. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, it will host the biggest trivia night about food and drinks. 

Their Food Fight Trivia Night will run monthly and you can have a chance to win prizes such as cash and bragging rights. If you want a more interactive activity, the ‘Culinary Drive-In Adventure’ will be conducted in just one night only, wherein you can grab different meals while watching a movie. 

Aside from activities, Culinary Adventure Co. also gives you opportunities to refill your snack drawers. New products like Rosemary + Orange Shortbread Cookies and Orange Peel Stickinis are some of the few you can expect. 

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