Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what way to cap such an event filled with appreciation than to share celebratory drinks. If you are looking for a perfect bottle as a gift, below are some highly recommended wines you can certainly afford. 

1. Freixenet Cordon Negro

Price: $14.95

Freixenet Cordon Negro, a customary method sparkler from Spain, is made from a distinctive blend of white grape varietals native to Penedès, Barcelona. The delicate aroma excreted will surely provide balance to its citrusy base. 

2. Banrock Station Pink Moscato Rosé

Price: $13.05

Looking for something sweet and light? Banrock Station Pink Moscato Rosé can be the perfect wine you’re looking for. With hints of musk and sherbet, this wine tastes almost like cotton candy while maintaining its juicy elements. 

3. Freixenet Rosé IGT

Price: $17.80

Made from definitive grape varietals found in Veneto, Italy, Freixenet Rosé IGT exudes elegance. It contains a mixture of strawberries and sweet red cherries, which is perfect while munching on light dishes. 

4. Freixenet Italian Rosé

Price: $19.95

For the perfect rosé, nothing is better than Freixenet Italian Rosé. Aside from the pleasant aromas from the fruity mixture, you’ll find crisp apples and white flowers at its base. This can be enjoyed either paired with appetizers or just alone.  

5. Banrock Station Chardonnay

Price: $14.95

Craving for classic chardonnay? Banrock Station Chardonnay can surely be enough to satisfy even the serious fans of white wine. The intense aromas from melon, peach and honeydew are coupled with light oak overtones. Being well-balanced is the best word that can be described after just one sip. 

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