As work becomes cumbersome again now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, restaurants start to open and accommodate larger number of customers. For couples, this means that they can now conduct date night outside their respective homes. If you are among the couples who love to spend romantic time dining outside, here are some of the most recommendable restaurants in Toronto. 

1. Lake Inez

Location: 1471 GERRARD ST. E.

It’s normal in a long relationship to visit pleasant memories as if they are being created for the first time. This is how an experience in this restaurant is described. You can frequently visit and still have a blast from their comfort food, Ontario beer and remarkable interior. 

2. Grey Gardens

Location: 199 AUGUSTA AVE.

Do you prefer greener sceneries? Grey Gardens can easily be one of your favorite places. The 55-seat area is perfect for intimate dining surrounded by botanical decorations. You can enjoy their eye-catching seafood meals and their rare, privately ordered wine. 

3. Canoe

Location: 66 WELLINGTON ST. W.

Canoe has, for years, been the go-to place for special occasions from family reunions to business meetings. With the recent renovation, the restaurant copes up to the demand in these modern times. The view from the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower is truly spectacular and the dedicated contemporary Canadian cuisine makes a romantic date feel so comforting. 

4. La Palma

Location: 849 DUNDAS ST. W.

You can’t go wrong having pasta and pizza on a romantic date. If you want to take it up a notch, the restaurant’s 100-layer lasagna is something to try for at least once. On top of that, dining al-fresco lightens the mood to a carb-heavy evening. 

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