Are you a certified foodie? Or are you just a plain lover of good food? Around April 22 to 24, Canada’s largest festival of foods and drinks, the T.O. Food & Drink Fest, will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It will be spanning 3 days and consisting of multiple events, from tasting to classes. 

While the DJs are playing in the background, you and your companions can alternate stuffing your mouths with different bites or moistening your throats with experimental drinks at the VIP Lounge. And since this is a major event in the culinary world, you will also get a chance to see top global talents in action. Patois’s Craig Wong, Antler’s Micheal Hunter and Colibrí’s Elia Herrera are some of the attendees. 

Want to be a drink expert? You can start by attending the ‘Shake it to Make it’ cocktail classes hosted by Walters Caesar, Martini Fiero and Flor de Caña. If you’re looking for laid-back activities, there is the Wine Tasting Section, which is paired with cheeses made by Savour Ontario. 

If you are craving for street food at any time of the day, there will be loads of your favorite food trucks also. They will just be parked at Flavour Street, wherein you can easily visit almost all the stalls and try out their offers. 

After a long time being cooped up due to the pandemic, this will be a perfect time to start getting comfortable outdoors. With great food and drinks both in quality and quantity, the T.O. Food and Drink Fest is truly an event you’ll have to make time for.

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